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Options on constant maturity swaps (CMSs) are complex instruments - they are the CMS equivalent of a regular cap/floor and valuation requires a 'convexity adjustment' to volatility.
NEW YORK & LONDON -- Dura Automotive presents the first opportunity for ISDA to try out their newly revised cash settlement protocol that for the first time will allow for the settlement of structures such as single-name CDS, constant maturity swaps, FTD baskets, and others, in addition to the traded indices, according to a new report from Derivative Fitch.
This course examines the structure, features, applications and pricing of many of these variations, including in-arrears swaps, constant maturity swaps and asset swaps.
The pricing of constant maturity swaps, along with their structure and uses
Constant maturity swaps (CMS), a variation of interest rate swaps, are relatively new in the derivatives market.
In this tutorial, we describe the structure of constant maturity swaps and explain how these instruments are priced.

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