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2) From the desert to the shore Everything in California is legal between consenting adults, except developing real estate.
New Delhi [India], Feb 16 ( ANI ): In his submissions before the Supreme Court in connection with cases of so called honour killings by Khap Panchayats, Amicus Curiae Raju Ramachandran on Friday stated that action would be initiated against those involved in protesting a marriage between consenting adults.
They may be consenting adults but it's usually out of sheer desperation they find themselves on the game.
In the age of Kim Kardashian, you can't get too exercised about two consenting adults having sex" - Actor Ed Stoppard.
Only competent, consenting adults will be allowed to access PAD.
MSPs took just over a minute to reject a call to change the law against incest so it no longer applies to consenting adults over the age of 21.
489, a California law "decriminalizing all privately performed sexual acts between consenting adults.
Instead it sets life imprisonment as the penalty for a homosexual act where one of the partners is infected with HIV, sex with minors and the disabled, as well as repeated sexual offences among consenting adults.
Homosexuality between consenting adults was decriminalised in the late 60s, so why the prurience now?
The ballot initiative, which garnered the support of over 12,000 San Francisco voters, sought to restrict non-therapeutic circumcision to consenting adults.
No, the consumerswere not consenting adults, but victimswhowere seduced, groomed and lured into the bankers'' financial trap in order for those Amani clad racketeers to claim their immoral rewards.
Put in another way, it seems that Mr Roberts has no objection to the speaking of Welsh, so long as it is done by consenting adults in private.