Werewolf Syndrome

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A rare disorder in which there is significant overgrowth of hair in the head and neck and upper body
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Extraordinary People: Real Wolf Kids five, 9pm Trecoed: Digwyddiadau 09 S4C, 9pm Seven-year-old Nat Sasuphan from Thailand was born with congenital hypertrichosis, an extremely rare and incurable disorder that causes the sufferer to grow excessive hair on the face and body.
Supatra Sasuphan - Nat to friends and family - suffers from a rare genetic disorder known as Ambras syndrome or congenital hypertrichosis, which makes fur grow all over her back as well as her face.
With the help of loving friends and family Supatra is determined to overcome her rare disorder, called Ambras Syndrome or Congenital Hypertrichosis.
Nat, six, whose real name is Supatra, has Ambras syndrome, or congenital hypertrichosis.
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