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Thus it is quite likely that the supervisory officer will fail to recognize the conflict-of-interest issues and will simply insist that the junior officer, as the officer present at the scene of the incident, ought to exercise his own judgment in the matter.
19 percent said they have rejected a submitted manuscript primarily on conflict-of-interest grounds;
Let me now give a brief background on federal and provincial conflict-of-interest rules.
The number of not-for-profit organizations that have a conflict-of-interest policy in place this year (78%) has increased since last year's findings (67%).
Additional modules include Conflict-of-Interest, FileFlow (workflow) and imaging integration.
We take conflict-of-interest matters very seriously,'' Jones said.
Two months later, hospital officials said the hospital's contract with Lee for neurological testing also violated state conflict-of-interest laws.
Montgomery had been sentenced to three years' probation and a day in jail after pleading guilty in October 1995 to conflict-of-interest charges.
Los Angeles Mayor Richard Riordan has agreed to pay $3,000 in fines to the state Fair Political Practices Commission for violating state conflict-of-interest laws by increasing a city contract for a tenant in a building he co-owns.
He also is the subject of a separate conflict-of-interest investigation, city officials said.
Prim noted that the state conflict-of-interest law exempts contracts required because a board member is the sole source of the goods or services in question.
Harvey Birsner, a hospital director, constitutes a violation of state conflict-of-interest laws, hospital officials said Thursday.