Confined Space

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A vertically or horizontally limited space in which an employee carries out a specified task—e.g., boilers, furnaces, manholes, pipelines, pits, vessels, sewers, silos, storage tanks, utility vaults, etc.
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He threw himself into the attitude of a lunging fencer, to reach after his oilskin coat; and afterwards he staggered all over the confined space while he jerked himself into it.
Sometimes he would fall into long reveries, sigh heavily and involuntarily, then suddenly rise, and, with folded arms, begin pacing the confined space of his dungeon.
Sending a worker into a confined space is dangerous, especially inside machinery that can be powered on at any time, said Cal/OSHA Chief Juliann Sum.
Confined space accidents are of particular concern in occupational safety and health due to the hazards that they pose to the victim and subsequently to a rescue team.
This class provides information for any person who may be called upon to execute any task that requires entering a confined space.
First, it's not clear what new requirements, if any, it actually presents; second, it is vague and confusing in its recommendations; and third, in all this confusion, it also appears to contradict long-time OSHA regulations and industry consensus standards, making anyone who thought they knew something about confined space entry ill-prepared for MSHA compliance.
Do we have any obligations if confined space entry is performed by any subcontractors?
The expectation was to develop subject matter experts who would be working the production floor and instructing co-workers on proper confined space protocol.
In response to requests for additional time to train and acquire equipment necessary for compliance, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has postponed for 60 days a new Confined Spaces in Construction standard.
Avoiding confined spaces is always the best option.
On average, 80 fatalities occur each year in the Unites States because of confined space hazards; about 50 percent of them are would-be rescuers.
The Confined Space Telemetry Safety Kit features electronic monitoring of worker safety using wireless, Radio-Frequency (RF) signaling for evacuation, distress- man-down and out-of-range notification.