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(kŏn′dĭ-mĕnt) [L. condire, to pickle]
An appetizing ingredient added to food.


Aromatic: vanilla, cinnamon, cloves, chervil, parsley, bay leaf. Acrid or peppery: pepper, ginger, tabasco, all-spice. Alliaceous or allylic: onion, mustard, horseradish. Acid: vinegar, capers, gherkins, citron. Animal origin: caviar, anchovies. Miscellaneous: salt, sugar, truffles.

In general, with the exception of sugar, condiments have little nutritional value. They are appetizers, stimulating the secretion of saliva and intestinal juices.

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And consumers' increase in at-home eating after the economy tanked could explain why dollar sales of these and other condiments increased 10 percent between 2008 and 2013, reaching $5.
There is also a crossover from Asian into Africa and its use of condiments, in particular spice- and heat-based condiments.
According to premium condiments group Epicure, the pressure on major food groups to develop new products that will prove their worth quickly is stifling creativity.
Made with bourbon, these hearty condiments add flavor to every meal from morning 'til night.
As close to serving as possible, prepare remaining condiments and place in separate serving bowls.
Spoon vegetables onto tortillas, top with condiments, and roll up to eat.
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A focus on provenance, fusion products and pouch packaging could help retailers drive sales in the Mexican sauces and condiments category.
Heinz was hitting the headlines when we covered the sauces and condiments category back in 2001 (The Grocer, 6 October), thanks to its rather strange launch of a green tomato ketchup.
That was back when condiments were hardly what you'd call a hot category.