Concentrated Epidemic

An epidemic in which HIV or another pathogen represents > 5% in any sub-population at higher risk of infection—e.g., drug injectors, sex workers, homosexual men. Surveillance systems monitor infection in those groups and focus on behavioural links between members of those groups and the general population
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Pakistan is facing a concentrated epidemic of HIV/ AIDS and the government, since 1987 when the first HIV positive case was reported in the country, had been attempting to respond to the situation, through national and provincial AIDS control programmes respectively.
02%, there is a risk that it may spread among the population with risk of experiencing concentrated epidemic among certain population groups.
Punjab faces a concentrated epidemic prevalent among the high risk and vulnerable groups.
Five percent is the UN's borderline to declare an area as having a concentrated epidemic, explained the DOH.
But, the pandemic is "showing a sign of advancing from a low prevalence/emerging epidemic to a concentrated epidemic in the near future", cautioned a Unicef's report.
HIV in CEE is a concentrated epidemic, affecting already marginalised groups, such as injecting drug users (IDU), prisoners, homosexuals, sex workers and minority ethnic groups, and contracting HIV can make that person all the more undesirably 'different' [16].
Like many Asian countries, India has a concentrated epidemic, in which three high risk groups, female sex workers (FSWs), men who have sex with men (MSM), and injection drug users (IDUs) have HIV prevalences that are 10--20 times more than the prevalence found among women presenting at antenatal clinics.
We have a concentrated epidemic by population and geography and we haven't had a federal response that matched that epidemic.
Even though Egypt's conservative culture has helped contain the spread of the disease, there is debate over whether the country has a low grade HIV epidemic or is stepping towards a concentrated epidemic.
Although the prevalence of STIs, and especially HIV, among the population of urban men in Pakistan is low, the country is witnessing a concentrated epidemic among high-risk groups," said Ali Mohammad Mir, director of the Council's HIV and AIDS program in Pakistan.
Produced by the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific, this background paper reviews progress in combating HIV/AIDS in the Asian Pacific region in line with international commitments, with particular attention to the Universal Access targets developed for low and concentrated epidemic countries through regional and civil society consultations in 2006.
7 % in 1999 to 4 % in 2002 and in 2006 to 7 percent marking the first concentrated epidemic among any high risk group in Bangladesh.
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