Luigi M., Italian physician, 1825-1882. See: Concato disease.
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It is a good predictor of survival, a key determinant of health care cost as well as a factor in decisions about medical procedures, for example, the use of feeding tubes or cardiopulmonary resuscitation (Fried, Towle, & Allore, 2002; Gillick, 2000; Carey, Lindquist & Covinsky, 2004; Inouye, Robison, Hughes, Horwitz & Concato, J.
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However, several prominent authorities (Hosmer & Lemeshow, 2000; Peduzzi, Concato, Kemper, Holford, & Feinstein, 1996) have determined that for logistic regression, at least 10 cases per variable analyzed were desirable to maintain the validity of the model.
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Although other efforts have demonstrated that well-conducted nonrandomized studies can generate results equivalent with randomized trials (Benson and Hartz 2000; Concato, Shah, and Horwitz 2000; Furlan et al.
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Still inspiring can be deemed Kubelik's approach to the then modern compositions (Bartok's Concato for Orchestra and Two Portraits, Hindemith's Symphonic Metamorphosis, Schonberg's Five Pieces for Orchestra), whose ardent delivery comes as a surprise in comparison with today's mainstream objectivism.
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