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a genus in the plant family of Euphorbiaceae.

Phyllanthus abnormis
North American plant; contains an unidentified toxin which causes liver and kidney damage manifested by compulsive walking, tenesmus, rectal prolapse, petechiation and death. Called also spurge.
Phyllanthus gasstroemii
may cause cyanide poisoning.
Phyllanthus lacunarius
causes gastroenteritis.
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Conami has since been relevant to indigenous women for the disclosure of, and reflection on, topics such as violence, reproductive rights, justice and human rights, identity and culture, and national and international legislation (Sanchez Nestor 2003,19).
The Institution has an assembly of 17 members, composed of Jesuit priests and businessmen, and is registered under CONAMI, the recently established MFI regulatory entity in Nicaragua.