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A glycoprotein (about 78 kDa) containing d-mannose and d-galactose, constituting about 12% of total solids of egg white; it will bind iron ions.
Synonym(s): ovotransferrin
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Caption: This structure portrays the vibrational modes of conalbumin, a protein found in egg whites.
0]) determination and calibration was conducted using the Gel Filtration Calibration kit (GE Healthcare) containing Dextran Blue [molecular weight (MW), 2000 kDa], conalbumin (MW, 75.
From this initial count, the cells were diluted appropriately in L-15 medium, supplemented with glutamine, glucose, sodium bicarbonate, penicillin-streptomycin, conalbumin, putrescine, insulin, progesterone, and sodium selenite (Sigma), and plated at a density of 2000 motoneurons/well in 35 [mm.
In the present study, cells treated with a model antigen conalbumin (CA), the IMO compounds suppressed Th2-type cytokines (e.
Albumen, conalbumin, egg white, egg yolk, ovalbumin, ovomucold, ovoglobulin, vitellin, vitellenin.
The specific binding of iron(III) and copper(II) to transferrin and conalbumin.
5 Da), and the higher mass spectra were calibrated on a mass calibration curve constructed with horseradish peroxidase (43 240 Da), bovine serum albumin (66 430 Da), and chicken conalbumin (77 490 Da).