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eyeSight is the leading provider of embedded computer vision and deep learning solutions, bringing user awareness and gesture recognition technologies to a variety of devices and industries.
Computer vision will in some ways be bounded by what the camera can see.
The second-generation Qualcomm Spectra ISP is the next family of integrated ISPs that utilizes new hardware and software architecture designed specifically for advancements in computer vision, image quality, and power efficiency in future Snapdragon platforms.
Algolux provides groundbreaking technologies that enable the smart optimization of computer vision systems, transforming the development and accuracy of machines that can "see.
The Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) remains an under-estimated and poorly understood issue at the workplace.
With Qatar hosting the 2022 FIFA World Cup, students and professionals versed in computer vision will be well placed to understand the technical requirements of future broadcasting," he added.
According to the American Optometric Association, symptoms of computer vision syndrome include eyestrain, headaches, blurred vision and dry eyes.
In response, the Computer Eyed division of Vision Concepts International has developed a line of optical-quality computer glasses that correct for computer vision (midrange, 18 inches to 30 inches from object) and reading/keyboard vision (close range, 8 inches to 12 inches from object).
He's co-leader of a study that looks at how computer vision might be enhanced by mimicking biological vision.
First of all, it is application of ultrasonic sensors and computer vision systems.
With the advent of inexpensive low-power yet high-performance computing hardware, computer vision appears to be a hot topic of research that may someday permit computers to "see" well enough to perform recognition and visual association tasks.
Computer vision uses a variety of techniques, such as video sequencing, data from multiple sources or complex data such as medical imagery to reconstruct scenes and images, detect events, recognize objects, index and perform self-motivated vision.

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