central processing unit

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central processing unit (cpu, CPU)

the component of a computer that controls the encoding and execution of instructions, consisting mainly of an arithmetic unit, which performs arithmetic functions, and an internal memory, which controls the sequencing of operations. Also called processor.

central processing unit (CPU),

n the primary processor of a computer, containing the internal memory unit (memory), arithmetic logic unit (ALU), and input/output control unit (I/O control).
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16 (PCI Industrial Computer Manufacturers Group) computer processor boards.
It is the only personal computer processor designed with a unified architecture that combines integer and floating-point processing in the same structure.
In contrast, Windows-based modems draw their power from the computer processor, frequently limiting the user's ability to perform online and offline operations at the same time.
The RCCS product line includes a wide variety of displays and computer processor system solutions supporting multiple system architectures for shipboard, airborne and wheeled and track vehicle applications.
On the important Internet-related performance benchmark SPECweb99, the AMD Opteron processor Model 844 is the first computer processor in the world to break the 10,000 score.
VITAL VIIe, introduced in 1990, is the first visual system to use the high performance, 1990's technology, Motorola 88000 Reduced Instruction Set Computer processor.
This report includes an appendix, Backup Data, with the latest data from the MDR model of Intel's computer processor (CPU) shipments.
The focus of the complaint concerns Transmeta's representations regarding a new computer processor chip it had developed known as the 'Crusoe.
New computer processor drives enhanced anti-missile interceptor performance
Tenders are invited for Desktop Computer, Details Specification As Per Annexure-I :- 1 Intel Core I3 2Nd Generation Computer Processor, 2 Oem Mother Board, 3 4 Gb Ram, 4 500Gb Hard Disk, 5 Dvd Writer, 6 18.
World-first wireless technology and a computer processor, implanted in the brain, helps the blind to determine shapes through a series of mapping dots after they wear a pair of sunglasses, News.
Which company introduced the Pentium computer processor in 1993?
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