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Junkies are going hi-tech to get their daily fix - by stealing valuable computer chips to order.
The computer chip is intended to increase fuel efficiency by 10 percent and allow the automaker to install the hybrid system on more of its vehicles.
1 -- color) These computer chips, used to sense hydrogen, were produced at DCH Technology in Valencia.
Intel plans to replace its speediest computer chips with ones running twice as fast by 2001.
Computer chips are manufactured on flat silicon wafers containing hundreds of chips.
Using a computer chip, the softener creates a historical record of water usage patters in the home and, guided by a sophisticated algorithm program, estimates the amount of water soft water that will be needed the following day.
With the availability of EUV photomasks, and the presence of a critical mass of semiconductor tool suppliers and computer chip manufacturers at CNSE's Albany NanoTech site, when coupled with ASML's earlier demonstration of operating wafer and reticle stages in a vacuum environment, integration of an alpha exposure tool at CNSE is a logical progression in preparing both the technology and the industry for adopting the EUV technology.
and Germany have discovered that the human brain, the nervous system of a worm, and a computer chip have striking similarities.
Heathrow was recently identified as the blackspot for computer chip theft with half the raids targeting its factory estates and cargo sheds.
The contacts that connect tiny components of a computer chip to a much larger wire are often made of gold because it doesn't react with air easily.
British computer chip designer VideoLogic has upped the stakes in the highly competitive market for graphics chips, unveiling its second generation of silicon.
We are pleased by the commission's decision today, which confirms Micron's position that Rambus illegally obtained monopoly power by deceiving members of JEDEC in the establishment of important standards in the computer chip industry," said Rod Lewis, Micron Vice President of Legal Affairs and General Counsel.

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