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(kom-plek'sŭs), Avoid the mispronunciation com'plexus. The plural of this word is complexus, not complexi.
[L. an embracing, encircling]


(kom-plek'sus) [L.]
Semispinalis capitis muscle.
See: muscle
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Complexus has a superior strategy and expert technical skills in the SharePoint industry and we felt that our training and consulting offerings aligned well with the way Complexus wants to engage and help clients do more with SharePoint, said Veronique Palmer, CEO & Founder of Lets Collaborate and long term Microsoft Valued Professional (MVP), They also understand the bigger picture and align to our way of thinking when rolling out SharePoint for Enterprise scale deployments.
In other words, it has been my intention to keep at the core of the complexus of meaning arising in experience, a real and active rationalism.
complexus included flattened conical-shaped spines covering the entire body and sharply-attenuated spines seen around the periphery of the genital pore and the oral sucker.
sine coeundi complexu sive aliquo alio modo si non peccarent, habituri essent filios e munere omnipotentissimi creatoris qui potuit etiam ipsos sine parentibus condere, qui potuit carnem Christi in utero virginali formare, ut iam ipsis infidelibus loquar, qui potuit apibus prolem sine concubitu dare, sive ubi multa mystice ac figurate dicta sunt.
On the equivalence of music and love, to cite an example, did not Johannes Tinctoris say, in his Complexus effectuum musices (circa 1474), that "music induces love.
Obesity and related medical conditions such as heart disease, diabetes and strokes have become epidemic," said Jen, one of the principals of ArtJen Complexus USA, LLC, the Wayne State spin-off company she founded with Artiss in 2009 to manufacture and distribute Mirafit.
A letter of Lapo da Castiglionchio to Biondo, 1 April 1437, drew a comparison with Bruni which was unfavorable to the latter: "is patriae tantummodo res gestas complexus est, tu autem reliquas ex universa Italia memoratu dignas .
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Quibus res ubique gestas memorabiles a patria suae origine usque ad annum salutis 1583 breviter ille complexus.
based Buzzphoria, a fully integrated social media marketing agency, has announced it has been selected the agency of record for ArtJen Complexus U.
Artiss and Jen with ArtJen Complexus Holdings Corp.
Artiss and Jen, with the makers of FBCx, ArtJen Complexus Holdings Corp.

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