complete medium

com·plete me·di·um

a medium for an in vitro culture that contains the supplemental nutrients as well as the basic nutrients to support fastidious or mutant growth requirements.
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Tenders are invited for Supply of Slenoment Complete Medium, Triple Drop Plate, Polystyrene
He said Punjab's vision was to revive growth and private sector investment to complete medium term development framework 2014-18 and Punjab Growth Strategy to achieve the growth rate of 8 percent by 2018.
Control and CAsE-PE (chronic-arsenic-exposed human prostate epithelial) cells were continuously maintained in a complete medium [keratinocyte serum-free medium (K-SFM) with bovine pituitary extract and epidermal growth factor] or in a steroid-depleted medium (K-SFM alone).
Fresh complete medium was added to the cells every 2 days.
2], 4 mL of complete medium was added, and the cell suspension was transferred into a 25-[cm.
For the first time content owners ranging from small independent providers to the major studios have a complete medium to reach whole new audiences and maximize revenue through download-to-own.
Task 2: Delivery of thirty (30) complete medium technical rescue kits.
A549 cells were incubated with the complete medium containing 1, 5, or 10 [micro]g of fibers/[cm.
A549 cells were preincubated with the complete medium containing each compound for 30 min (for wortmannin), 1 hr (for U0126, SB203580, and catalase), or 12 hr (for N-acetylcysteine).
The MGS5200 chipset's baseband digital IC contains all of the digital signal processing (DSP) functions involved with the physical layer (PHY), as well as a complete medium access control (MAC) that orchestrates all of the network and radio resource management.
the basis of the system would be self bioreactor based on the principle of the hollow fiber semipermeable wall that permits the exchange of gases, nutrients, cytokines, growth factors and metabolic products between the cell compartments and circulating complete medium.
After treatment, the cells were washed twice and suspended in RPMI 1640 complete medium warmed at 37 [degrees] C at concentrations between 5 x [10.

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