complete response

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complete response (CR)

(in oncology) the total disappearance of a tumor.

complete response

Abbreviation: CR
In cancer care, the eradication by treatment of all of a readily identifiable tumor. A complete response differs from a cure in that microscopic amounts of tumor the may remain in the patient and later produce a relapse.
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How can company press releases relating to Complete Response Letters provide insight into the likely approval delay?
Pharma received a Complete Response Letter on the APF530 NDA in March 2010 and is in the process of preparing a resubmission responsive to the deficiencies listed in the Complete Response Letter.
The complete response letter included additional CMC comments focused on tightening manufacturing parameters and narrowing analytical specifications associated with commercial production.
We are disappointed in the decision because we believed that our June NDA resubmission adequately addressed the concerns raised by the FDA in its February Complete Response Letter," said Richard W.
In its Complete Response letter, FDA asserts that the BEST clinical study, which serves as the pivotal Phase III trial for the application, does not adequately demonstrate efficacy of Gencaro in reducing all-cause mortality in patients with heart failure.
A complete response was defined as peripheral blood with 5 percent or less marrow blasts (immature blood cells) and the normalization of the hemoglobin, platelets and white blood cells lasting at least four weeks.
The increase in complete response rates when adding ZEVALIN radioimmunotherapy is promising," said Samuel A.
When added to the FCR regimen, lumiliximab demonstrated a 52 percent complete response (CR) rate in patients who have CLL that was progressing after prior therapy.
Three of these individuals exhibited a complete response to therapy, 13 exhibited partial responses (tumor shrinkage greater than 50 percent) and six experienced minor responses (tumor shrinkage greater than 25 percent but less than 50 percent).
7%) have demonstrated a clinical response to treatment, including one complete response and two partial responses.
Three patients demonstrated a complete response, which is defined as a complete

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