complementary colors

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com·ple·men·ta·ry col·ors

pairs of different colors of light that produce white light when combined.
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Yellow, being the complementary colour of purple, is an enlivening partner, that helps prevent the purple from seeming too sombre.
Nice range of complementary colours for a subtle mix of brown and pink.
The large, scented blooms are borne in profusion in an array of complementary colours.
It is the first true trailing pansy to be grown from seed and the complementary colours of the large, scented blooms will be superb in hanging baskets and pots.
Choose a couple of bold, exotic varieties in complementary colours.
Great complementary colours are orange, yellow and red (not for the faint hearted) while neutrals such as white and cream always look good and create a really classic effect ( they can lift an otherwise heavy blue colour scheme, all you need to do is add some pattern to give it a kick.
This look is easy to create in any home by using complementary colours in careful proportions throughout and you needn't spend a fortune.
Stick to complementary colours that will make a statement, but avoid over-the-top clashes.
Teamed with stripes or prints in complementary colours, the result is an outfit that is perfectly co- ordinated without looking fussy.
For busy interiors, use flowers all in one colour and for modern white interiors use flowers in a mix of complementary colours to create an exciting visual display.
Pick out one key area such as the chimney breast or a well-lit wall for the treatment, and keep the other walls fairly plain in complementary colours .
Quite often there is a deliberate use of opposites or complementary colours and discords in this first statement.

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