complementary colors

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com·ple·men·ta·ry col·ors

pairs of different colors of light that produce white light when combined.
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They saw that when complementary colors are placed next to one another, the effects are dramatic and draw attention.
Plant them throughout the garden with annuals and perennials in complementary colors.
With their juxtapositions of complementary colors, these more complex allover compositions are the most chromatically risky.
The advantages are clear: mixing the three complementary colors (red, green, blue and even white) can generate any shade of any color.
I threw out such ideas as warm and cool colors, primary and secondary colors, complementary colors and so on.
In 2007, Cambria introduced 12 new complementary colors that offer the unique opportunity to incorporate multiple colors on a variety of surfaces, creating more depth and character in a home.
Use a tablecloth or floral centerpiece in complementary colors to complete the effect.
As Georges Lecomte put it in an 1890 monograph on the artist, "Pissarro, applying in its rigorous logic the law of complementary colors, set his canvases into white frames that without influencing the colors, left the tones with their exact values.
We grouped the pastels into cool, warm and complementary colors to help the students choose what color scheme they wanted for their backgrounds, and discussed color combinations.
A Deep blue agapanthus blooms against bright yellow gloriosa daisies in the classic combination of complementary colors.
When in the hands of a great artist, however, such a large variety of complementary colors result in a splendid masterpiece
Complementary colors are pleasing to the eye and white and gray tints can help neutralize, so that mixed colors are easier to accept.

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