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n Latin name:
Senecio jacoboea; parts used: seeds, leaves, flowers; uses: menstrual complaints; topically applied to stings and skin ulcers; precautions: no internal use in pregnancy, lactation or for children, hepatotoxicity, liver conditions, toxic if ingested. Also called
cankerwort, cocashweed, coughweed, dog standard, false valerian, golden ragwort, golden senecio, liferoot, ragweed, St. James wort, staggerwort, stammerwort, stinking nanny, squaw weed, or


seneciojacobea, S. latifolius, S. tetrotsus.

tansy ragwort
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Common ragwort attacks the liver of horses and, to a lesser extent livestock, if ingested, but thousands of seeds can be spread by a single plant.
At least 30 species of insects are confined to ragwort, the great majority of which are confined to Common Ragwort or the closely related Hoary Ragwort Senecio erucifolius.
It will be difficult to monitor the impact of the Code on the wildlife associated with Common Ragwort, due to the small size of many of the invertebrates and the shortage of sufficiently competent entomologists to identify them.
Horses, cattle, pigs, poultry, goats, sheep and even deer are susceptible to common ragwort, which causes gradual liver disease.
KILLER WEED Horse-owner Sue Cansdale is one of many concerned about proliferation of the common ragwort, which can be fatal to livestock
The code, which I helped formally launch earlier this month at the Royal Show, gives information on identifying common ragwort, assessing the risks, as well as outlining ways to control it ( their suitability and effectiveness.