Common Law Partner

An unmarried opposite-sex partner in a domestic relationship
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s common law partner, located in the city's BahE*elievler district.
In 2009, 39,077 people were admitted to Canada as spouse, common law partner or conjugal partner of a Canadian under the sponsorship program.
Vancouver police had earlier said a US Olympian had been arrested on Wednesday for assaulting his common law partner but did not name him.
His common law partner Nargis Nazir, 31, who lived with Hussain at Allerton Close, Hartlepool, left court sobbing after she was cleared of the same offence.
allegedly shot his common law partner, Damla E[currency].
The credit for a spouse or common law partner is equal to the basic personal amount, less the spouse's net income.
A "survivor" is a spouse or common law partner, so where a separated spouse without a separation agreement is still living and the deceased had a common law partner at death there will be two survivors.
If the property disposed of is owned by an individual, the individual, his or her spouse or common law partner, former spouse or common law partner, or child must ordinarily inhabit the condo.
A common law partner is an individual with whom the taxpayer "cohabitates at that time in a conjugal relationship" where this relationship has continued for at least one year, or where the parties are natural patents of the same child.
A common law partner generally is a person who cohabits in a conjugal relationship with the taxpayer and has done so for a continuous one-year period.
In order to sponsor a common law partner, couples must have co-habited together for at least one year in a conjugal relationship.
Since 1981, families (spouses, including common law partners, and their minor children) can designate only one property between them.