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Etymology: L, commendare, to protect
an order given to the computer to execute a specific instruction, such as a code that evokes a particular program or performs a particular function.


n the portion of a computer-related instruction that specifies the operation to be performed. A term used with hardware operations.
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Al Mazeina, who was the Deputy Commander-in-Chief prior to being named acting Commander- in-Chief last month, said in his new role he would continue his dedication to excellence and keeping Dubai peaceful and secure, while cooperating with authorities from around the world.
The fact that Hancock had not been offered the commander-in-chief post did not impact his public duties in any way, however.
This is why we serve and fight - for our future,'' Goldsmith told a couple hundred vets gathered at VFW Post 2805 in Canoga Park to welcome their commander-in-chief to the San Fernando Valley.
Wang Han-ning will also be transferred to the Presidential Office as military adviser, while his post will be taken over by Air Force Vice Commander-in-Chief Lt.
This provides the theater commander-in-chief (CINC) with an officer that works and integrates well within the country team and, more importantly to the commander-in-chief, one who can execute the full range of plans and programs from peacetime engagement and counternarcotics missions to facilitating reception, staging, onward movement and integration of personnel and equipment in support of large-scale contingency plans.
Commentators argued that "foreign influences" were corrupting the country and demanded severe restrictions on immigration; some called for the commander-in-chief to send in the troops.
Oliver North has made similar disparaging comments about Clinton's fitness as Commander-in-Chief.
It wasn't a pack of noisy, scribbling journalists who robbed Schwarzkopf of decisive victory; it was his own commander-in-chief.
Such wartime measures like the NSA program must emanate from the President as Commander-in-Chief, not from the courts.

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