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Cardiology Carvedilol or Metoprolol European Trial. A trial comparing carvedilol and immediate release metoprolol tartrate on clinical outcome in patients with moderate to severe heart failure
Conclusion Cardiovascular deaths occurred in 29% of carvedilol patients and in 35% of metoprolol patients
ENT Combined microscopic & endoscopic technique. An alternative to the technically demanding endoscopic sinus surgery for chronic sinus diseases, a technique which allows less experienced operators to manage these diseases with fewer complications
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Long-period comets (orbital period P > 200 yr) typical discovery rate per year for new comets: 6 semi major axes: [10.
Most comets have elongated, tilted orbits relative to the planets' paths around the sun.
The answer should help them explain how the comet developed such a hot-cold personality.
It took the Sparks awhile to shake the Comets, even when the visitors were without Thompson.
Detailed notes on observing techniques and visibility of comets may be obtained from the Director at the address below.
By bringing back samples of Comet Wild 2, Stardust "is now giving us the ground truth" about comets and confirming the remote studies of Tempel 1, Lisse says.
In January 2004, on its second loop around the sun, Stardust brushed past the comet Wild 2.
The Comets came busting out of the blocks, catching the Sparks by surprise with a quick 6-0 start.
Stardust will meet up with Comet Wild-2 in 2004 outside Mars' orbit.
Extrapolating from those comets, here is the display I currently envision for Comet ISON at the close of this year.
Thanks to Byears, the Sparks had 17 second-chance baskets and the Comets had none.