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Citron is one of the comestibles in Shahnama, and flora and fruit, and it is a Persian word.
Uno de casi tres ni[+ or -]os tuvo con que alimentarse gracias a la caja de comestibles por lo menos una vez el a[+ or -]o pasado
Las categorias utilizadas fueron las siguientes: a) agitacion motora; b) movimientos estereotipados; c) aislamiento social; d) desobediencia pasiva; e) rabietas; f) agresion a otros; g) autoagresion; h) fugas; i) oposicionismo; j) conducta verbal inapropiada; k) molestar a otros; l) enfados; m) culpar a otros; n) hurtos; o) conducta destructiva; p) rumiacion; q) manipular heces; r) ingerir sustancias u objetos no comestibles y s) patrones anormales de sueno.
Additionally, Amish Naturals has filed an application to obtain patent coverage for a product and method to increase the fiber content of flour-based comestibles, especially baked goods, without incurring unwanted organoleptic shortcomings normally associated with increasing fiber in flour-based foods.
This system integrates buildings, tools, ways of placing and making houses, transport arrangements, comestibles, tribal structures, gender issues and relations, warfare and trading exchanges.
Sanko, which operates ''Toho Kenbunroku'' and other pub chains, will set up a joint company with Comestibles Master Co.
Though wheat bread was considered a Spanish comestible and chicha an indigenous good, they shed these ethnic associations to become colonial comestibles eaten and drunk by all, making up the lion's share of the market's profits in food and drink.
Azhar provided essentials such as clothes, comestibles and diapers at a particularly needy relief camp near Islamabad.
Tel Aviv is catching up on it with the comestibles, but is too nervous yet to enjoy its architecture.
Given that organic comestibles carry a certain cachet in the market and so command a higher price than conventional products, why aren't wineries using their green practices as a marketing tool?
However the only items reported missing were a joint of meat and other comestibles for the Sunday lunch.