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Jules, French pediatrician, 1853-1947. See: Comby sign.
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80kg: Jack Comby (Spennymoor) v Andre Vidal Jnr (Leigh ABC).
Club show results: Spennymoor Boxing Academy - A Swalwell (Phil Thomas SOB) won unan C McMillan (Brandon); B Jarvis (Redcar) lost unan J Comby (Spennymoor); Ward Degnans - B Dalton (Redcar) won unan M Singh (Ward Degnans).
Rank: Private Regiment: Welsh Regiment Age: 20 Date of death: 26-5-1917 Buried at: Mendinghem Military Cemetery Ilton Road Emmanuel Comby Laverick Husband of Mary H Laverick, of 1 Ilton Road, Penylan, Cardiff.
Roffey SJ, Cole S, Comby P, Gibson D, Jezequel SG, Nedderman AN, Smith DA, Walker DK, Wood N.
A Microsoft Certified Trainer, he has imparted training and consultancy to several overseas clients, including Logica, Norway; Comby - Greenland, Etisalat - Afgahnistan etc.
David, who lives in Llanedeyrn in Cardiff, said he was just 20 years old when he first comby pleted the trip to Spain and back.
That was a risk that was accepted by Mr Gautrey by his taking part in such a comby petition.
On the occasion, chief of Coselearn programme Bernard Comby laid emphasis on the Tunisian students' keen interest in this educational method, pointing out that 43 excellent distinctions and 50 first-class honours have been awarded.
PUMPED Graeme McDowell was in brilliant form yesterday JOB DONE Graeme McDowell throws his ball to the crowd HUGGING IT OUT McDowell with caddie Ken Comby OPEN TO BE BACK Graeme McDowell intends to return to Celtic Manor for the Ryder Cup
Comby types include the Suicide Resistant Comby, the Americans with Disability Act (ADA) Comby and the standard Comby available with multiple accessories.
For info, contact Harold Comby 601-656-5711 (X7637) or 601-656-2348 hcomby@choctaw.
James Lovelock, in his preface to the book Environmentalists For Nuclear Energy by Bruno Comby, quoted on the site <www.