Combustible Liquid

A liquid with a flash point of ≥ 37.8ºC—100ºF—but < 93.3ºC—200ºF
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Shut off all flammable and combustible liquid and gas lines at their source to prevent discharge from broken piping.
106/ NFPA 30, suitable fire control devices, such as small hose or portable fire extinguishers, shall be available at locations where flammable or combustible liquids1, open flames and smoking shall not be permitted in flammable or combustible liquid storage areas.
Those who are holding their breaths and hoping for heads to roll in any of the departments responsible for allowing the hazardous transport of the highly combustible liquid, should breathe easily: Nothing like this is going to happen.
Vargas, 42, set a combustible liquid on fire on Friday evening to start the blaze in Hialeah, police spokesman Carl Zogby said.
Vargas, who has no known criminal record, set a combustible liquid on fire in his fourth-floor apartment.
15 -- The Protectoseal has unveiled the Series U1-45 Heat-Actuated, Safety Shut-Off Valve specifically designed for installation in the withdrawal lines of flammable or combustible liquid storage tanks.
The battery eliminates the disadvantages of lithium-ion batteries, which are based on an easily heated and combustible liquid core.
The dispersant being used for the current spill, which goes by the brand Corexit 9500, is a combustible liquid that contains chemicals that allow it to both dissolve in water and dissolve oil.
Low expansion foams are quite effective on two dimensional flammable and combustible liquid fires, but not particularly effective on three dimensional fuel fires.
When the details of the autopsy were later published, it turned out that LaVena had "committed suicide" by punching herself in the face hard enough to break her nose and knock her front teeth loose, pouring an acid solution on her genital area and a combustible liquid on herself which she then set on fire, after which she shot herself in the head.
Interfax news agency reported, quoting several investigative sources, that a female patient set the place afire after scattering combustible liquid in the hospital as she could not get narcotic drugs there.