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1. The act of combining (that is, by joining, uniting, or otherwise bringing into close association) separate entities.
2. The state of being so combined.
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When you squeezed out the three small groceries here in Berkeley by virtue of your superior combination, you swelled out your chest, talked about efficiency and enterprise, and sent your wife to Europe on the profits you had gained by eating up the three small groceries.
In the face of labor-saving machinery, of organized production, of the increased efficiency of combination, you would set the economic sun back a whole generation or so to the time when there were no great capitalists, no great machinery, no railroads--a time when a host of little capitalists warred with each other in economic anarchy, and when production was primitive, wasteful, unorganized, and costly.
That, gentlemen, is socialism, a greater combination than the trusts, a greater economic and social combination than any that has as yet appeared on the planet.
When the combination of the trusts will control all legislation, when the combination of the trusts will itself be the government," Ernest interrupted.
While you diligently pursued that favorite phantom of yours, called profits, and moralized about that favorite fetich of yours, called competition, even greater and more direful things have been accomplished by combination.
You do not understand the combination that has been effected.
A Dwar might move straight north three spaces, or north one space and east two spaces, or any similar combination of straight moves, so long as he did not cross the same square twice in a single move.
141 is likely to be replaced by the recently Proposed Statement of Financial Accounting Standards, Business Combinations.
The FASB noted the difficulty in comparing the financial results of entities, because the entities used different methods of accounting for business combinations.
Concluding months of redeliberations on all the substantive issues raised by constituents in connection with its 1999 proposal on Business Combinations and Intangible Assets, the Financial Accounting Standards Board unanimously supported the issuance of final statements on business combinations and on goodwill and intangible assets.
Especially combinations of rigid and flexible materials are of major interest to the industry (ref.
Most soccer coaches and their players are familiar with the various two-player pass combinations - the wall pass, give-and-go combination, the takeover dribble, and the overlap.