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1. The act of combining (that is, by joining, uniting, or otherwise bringing into close association) separate entities.
2. The state of being so combined.
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The strategy, designed to reduce interest rate risk in a rising rate environment, involved purchasing $100 million in adjustable-rate and short-term fixed-rate mortgage-backed securities funded by a combin agreements and term borrowings.
Presentation - Presentation - Evidence of participation guarantee / guarantee instrument is presented in the original envelope in a separate envelope of the tender which will mention "Participation guarantee" up to date and hour for opening tenders mentioning the subject of the contract and the submission of offers in combin
Mr Wild added: "The scheme is an excellent opportunity for the students to use their enthusiasm and energies, combin ed with the experience of a professional engineer, to produce some imaginative designs and ideas to find solutions to real challenges.
I am assuming that redevelopment will enable daylight to be reintroduced to the centre of the station, with an airy structure combin ing station and shopping centre.
Contract notice: Open procedure rely maid service, auxiliary services, night care residential facilities for the elderly, cleaning supply products for 12 months with the possibility of renewal for a further 24 months the community montana grand combin.