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ImageSense technology provides the UltraSightHD product with a unique competitive advantage over all other colposcopes in the market.
Figure 11-3: Market Drivers and Limiters, Colposcope Market, Japan, 2008 228
Leisegang GmbH, located in Berlin, Germany, is a privately-held manufacturer and distributor of colposcopes and accessories.
Leisegang Medical is the United States distributor of colposcopes manufactured by Leisegang GmbH and, in addition, manufactures and distributes a broad line of medical instruments including ultrasound, laser and electro surgical systems, cryosurgery equipment, surgical instruments, hysteroscopes, fetal heart monitors and vaginal specula.
The company's innovative designs have set the standard for colposcopes resulting in the company's leadership position in this market.
Kip Speyer, President, Leisegang Medical, stated, "This acquisition expands the distribution channel for all our medical products and provides a unique opportunity to enhance customer service by combining the Sani-Spec products with our extensive line of colposcopes, ultrasound devices, rigid and flexible hysterscopes, fetal monitors and endoscopes.
Included in its product line are colposcopes produced by Leisegang GmbH, a related company based in Berlin, Germany, that is the world's largest and oldest manufacturer of colposcopes and accessories.
In addition to colposcopes, its products include biopsy instruments, ultrasound, video equipment, laser and electro-surgical systems and accessories, cryosurgery equipment, surgical instruments, rigid and flexible hysteroscopes, bone densitometers and fetal heart monitors.
Contract notice: Equipment for monitoring fosters (CTG) and colposcope.
Figure 14-1: Colposcope Market, Europe, 2007 - 2017 ([euro]) 382
Figure 14-2: Colposcope Market, Europe, 2007 - 2017 (US$) .