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A regional term for LSD
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How does nature provide us with examples of all the colors of the rainbow in plants and animal life?
Kyra Sedgwick didn't choose just one color, but all of the colors of the rainbow in her chiffon gown.
It follows the company's first product featuring keys in seven colors of the rainbow, corresponding to keyboard functions.
might be the only store in the city that has a rack holding perhaps 30 feather boas, in all colors of the rainbow, while entering Wear It Again Sam (3823 Fifth Ave.
Red, orange, yellow, green and purple are not just the colors of the rainbow, but also the vibrant sea of color that blooms every spring at The Flower Fields(R) in Carlsbad, Calif.
The colors of the rainbow come to life in the swinging song ``ROY G.
With an ICM-equipped TV, consumers can now see all colors of the rainbow brighter and more clearly for a more exciting viewing experience.
Together we are enabling a new wave of LCD TVs that will allow consumers to see all colors of the rainbow brighter and more clearly for a more exciting TV viewing experience.
Hill Berber women in their red and white striped skirts and wide-brimmed straw hats decorated with dark blue wool braids, veiled women in chislauas all colors of the rainbow (some showing signs of rebellion: Through the side slits of the flowing robes were glimpses of gaudy leggings and fashionable platform shoes), men in jullabis - some turbaned, some with beautifully crocheted or embroidered skull caps.