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A regional term for LSD
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Wispy clouds went from white to bright--displaying all colors of the rainbow.
Although sunlight seems to have a golden glow, it's really made up of all the colors of the rainbow.
And, even though this next piece of extra news is probably almost too much for you to bear, the camera also comes with a shimmery neck strap that, in the right light or held at the right angle, gives off the colors of the rainbow.
He compared the different musical notes to the colors of the rainbow.
OK, so this is why I am writing you--not to skit on California and all of its colors of the rainbow, but to say: Northern California, here I come
CMYK, or four-color process printing, uses four colors (cyan, magenta, yellow and black) to create all the colors of the rainbow.
Her ladies are as multiple as the colors of the rainbow and in that multiplicity they escape simple binaries, moving instead toward a much richer and more complex cultural identity shange is acutely aware of the centrality of class and gender in cultural formations, and she directly deals with these issues suppressed/repressed in the male-authored works.
Think of Tensile Involvement (1953), in which the stage space vibrates with tremulous floor-to-ceiling ribbons in the colors of the rainbow.