color chart

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col·or chart

(kŏl'ŏr chahrt)
An assembly of chromatic samples used in checking color vision.
Synonym(s): chromatic chart, colour chart.
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She also holds certifications in both Advanced Color Theory and Advanced Interior Design from the California College of Interior Design.
These differing approaches become projects unto themselves without losing the emphasis on color theory.
Students completed color theory exercises including the creation of color wheels, value scales, and intensity scales.
com's Color, Color Theory, and the Color Wheel are great starting points.
One of the other revolutionary features of the new MotoCMS is its unique Color Picker, which allows both color theory pros and newbies the chance to tweak the colors of their website.
The artist, a Chapel Hill resident, contributed a vibrant selection of pieces showing his interest in color theory and playing with viewer preconceptions.
Speakers from Pantone will analyze color theory and discuss the procedures used to select the "color of the year.
of Oxford, UK, fused her scholarly expertise in German and the visual arts to examine the writings of Goethe as they both express and incorporate his thinking about aesthetics, art history, and color theory.
The Practical Handbook of Color for Artists teaches aspiring artists all the basics of mastering principles for using lines, light and shadow, perspective and color, and incorporates color theory with practice.
Yet even here one feels that each element and its peculiar textural quality--craggy stones, gleaming chains, soft sand--is mainly an excuse to explore painting in terms of abstract forms and color theory.
He received a masters of fine arts from the University of Oregon and was an art teacher for Oregon public schools, art and color theory instructor at Montana State University and at Lane Community College for 26 years until his retirement.
We all learned Josef Albers' color theory," says Alex.