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Abbreviation for heat shock proteins , under protein.


abbreviation for heat shock protein.


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The retail colocation market was accounted as the highest revenue-generating segment due to growing need of global distribution of data servers of small and medium sized and large enterprises.
Presently, the segment of retail colocation acquires a larger share in the Colocation market.
The majority of colocation facilities are provided by local operators with only one to three facilities each.
Clients demand faster execution speeds and exchanges need to offer these in order to compete, said Leanne Parsons, Director: Equity Market at the JSE, Aside from faster trading speeds and updates to market data which will allow for enhanced response to market movements and deployment of new trading strategies, colocation also reduces the cost of bandwidth for clients.
Although dominated by the state owned telecoms carriers--who between them represent two thirds of the colocation market in China--the country has witnessed an influx of carrier neutral colocation providers.
The Company, formed earlier this year after an extensive analysis of the market, will provide local datacenter and commercial colocation services in the State of Hawaii.
Being that CentOS is available, and wants to remain; free of charge it is essential that larger companies, such as Colocation America do what they can to help keep them going strong.
With 22 data centers in major business markets, Colocation America's coast to coast reach continues to provide clients with the opportunity to select their choice of data center location no matter where they are.
However with the increased demand for our services, we've expanded not only our facility, but our team as well, so that we may best capitalize on this opportunity," says Michael Trunkett, President of Colocation America.
The company offers a full-range of business communication services including Internet access, web hosting, colocation, managed services and voice.
This new addition is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the portfolio of services that Colocation America offers.
No other provider can offer customers both colocation services and dedicated servers in one facility," Keagy continued.