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Frédéric-Justin, French otolaryngologist, 1870-1965.
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Hardinge also manufactures center arbors that use Sure-Grip expanding collets for grinding machines and lathes that can be held between centers, or chucked on one end and supported by a center on the other end.
Collet has booked Christophe Soumillon to replace Morny-
Collet was, in an almost literal sense, born to his profession, having entered the world 53 years ago at a stud near Rambouillet, where his father worked as a groom.
Collet may also have a representative in Saturday's Peugeot Sun Chariot Stakes.
The Collet pair have blossomed at Cagnes-sur-Mer over the past six weeks.
If all goes well, she could be supplemented for the Coronation Stakes," says Collet.
However, the collet knob offers an even more secure fit as well as a number of other advantages over the set screw knob and should be carefully considered for critical applications.
Collet, who led the building of the national and global IP networks for both Sprint and Teleglobe, will lead the development of Velocita's aggressive sales and marketing drive.
Trainer Robert Collet said: "The Marois showed how good she is because she beat her elders and the colts.
IZMIR, Sep 1, 2010 (TUR) -- French coach Vincent Collet said on Tuesday that there were times when Canada deserved to win the match.