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(kol'ēz), Avoid the incorrect forms Colle and Colle's.
Abraham, Irish surgeon, 1773-1843. See: Colles fascia, Colles fracture, Colles ligament, Colles space.
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Returning to Dublin, Colles became a Member of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland and, in 1799, was appointed to the staff of the Dispensary for the Sick Poor in Meath Street and opened premises for the teaching of Anatomy and Surgery - Dublin at that time was an important centre for postgraduate students - and was later appointed surgeon to Dr.
Travelers include Urban; Susan Colles, Bank of America; Lee Hou, Fidelity Information Systems; and Mark Tiggas, Wells Fargo Company.
The IFX Forum officers reelected for the current year include its Treasurer, Susan Colles, Vice President of Global Treasury Services for Bank of America, and Secretary, Leslie Mitchell, Director of BITS.
The demonstration is mounted, again and again, by the reproductions of Arp's glue-buckled Torn Drawing, rendering "the torn edges" and "the glutinous quality, the colle of collage," and the pleasure in those effects, heightened, as "Arp suggested, .