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(kol'ēz), Avoid the incorrect forms Colle and Colle's.
Abraham, Irish surgeon, 1773-1843. See: Colles fascia, Colles fracture, Colles ligament, Colles space.
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Sarah Colles, home safety adviser for the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, said: ''The case for promoting home safety must not be ignored.
Contract award: Works For The Construction of infrastructure for protection against the inondationsdes Vallons Escours, Montfort, of Beal, and Campons Caillades of the municipality of La Colle sur Loup-recalibration and restructuring of the floor and various networks.
The demonstration is mounted, again and again, by the reproductions of Arp's glue-buckled Torn Drawing, rendering "the torn edges" and "the glutinous quality, the colle of collage," and the pleasure in those effects, heightened, as "Arp suggested, .