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Factors over which a researcher has no control, and which may affect results of a study.


Conditions or restrictions on activity or motion of something.


n the restrictive conditions stated in a dental benefits contract, such as age, length of time covered, and waiting periods, which affect an individual's or group's coverage. The contract may also exclude certain benefits or services, or it may limit the extent or condition under which certain services are provided. See also exclusions.

Patient discussion about limitations

Q. What is the limit........ What is the limit for a normal person to jump?

A. Next time you watch a basketball or volleyball game, notice how high the athletes jump to block a shot or spike the ball. Ever wonder if you could jump as high? Stand next to a wall with a short pencil in your hand and hold your arm as high above your head as you can, keeping your feet flat on the floor. Make a mark on the wall to note your standing reach. Then jump as high as you can, keeping your arm high above your head. At the top of your jump, make another mark on the wall. It works best to stand close to, but not touching the wall when you jump. The difference in height between the two marks is a measure of how high you jumped. You may be able to jump higher if you change how much you bend your knees before jumping. If you don't bend your knees much, you don't get much extra push. On the other hand, a deep crouch overstretches the thigh muscles, making them less efficient in pushing you off the ground. Experiment to find the amount of knee bend that gives you the most height. Swi

Q. Is there a limit to how long the suit should be worn? Hi, my wife Lee, 36 always wear sauna suit for very long walk in hot sun. I am concerned because she walks alone and takes diet pills to boost metabolism. Is there a limit to how long the suit should be worn?

A. While doing this, she should be very careful. Sauna suits help to keep the muscles warm and that is what causes the sweat and they do not necessarily promote weight loss. She has to keep herself hydrated! Ask her to drink tons of water because her body is rapidly losing it. In other words, the weight loss is more water which can be gained back very quickly. I would recommend weight training and cardio exercise at least 4 times a week. Also, exercising in the morning has great metabolic effects. Therefore, put an end to diet pills because they are not good for your wife!!

Q. Have alcohol-related crashes decreased in other states when they lowered the limit? I have a doubt even after updating with the local news. Have alcohol-related crashes decreased in other states when they lowered the limit?

A. Wisconsin has seen nearly a two percent decrease in alcohol-related crashes and almost a fourteen percent decrease in alcohol-related fatalities a year after implementing a .08 law. Since South Dakota put .08 in effect in 2002, alcohol-related crashes have decreased by 2.1 percent from the average of the previous three years.

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Collateral estoppel has three elements that must be satisfied before it can be properly applied; however, if applicable, it has a preclusive effect on issues "actually litigated" in prior proceedings.
Applying regional circuit law to issues of res judicata and collateral estoppel .
147) Allowing a trial court to enter an injunction that sweeps beyond the parties to a given case gives the court's opinion the force of law throughout the state or nation and effectively nullifies government defendants' prerogative to avoid non-mutual offensive collateral estoppel.
There are four traditional requirements for collateral estoppel or issue preclusion:
The IRS argued that it was not a party to the state court action between Burns and Blagaich and was not in privity with either of them, so collateral estoppel did not bar it from maintaining that the cash and property that the state court held were gifts were not gifts.
In its motion for partial summary judgment, Geico argued that King was constitutionally prohibited from utilizing either collateral estoppel or res judicata to treat the trial verdict as conclusive evidence on the element of damages in the bad-faith action.
In Falzone, the Court of Appeals held that an arbitrator's failure to apply collateral estoppel to preclude a determination of an issue resolved in a prior arbitration proceeding was not subject to review by the Court (id.
This decision may create a binding collateral estoppel effect, which would preclude counsel from relitigating the issue.
First, offensive non-mutual collateral estoppel can be used effectively by plaintiffs to streamline litigation where multiple workers have sued an employer individually.
Tanto o collateral estoppel quanto a coisa julgada (75) atuam como uma garantia ou seguranca para o jurisdicionado de que o que foi decidido pelo Estado passa a ser imutavel e indiscutivel, propiciando a estabilidade das relacoes juridicas e a crenca no Judiciario.
5) Are matters of public policy and individual circumstances involved that would render the application of collateral estoppel to be fundamentally unfair, including inadequate opportunity or incentive to obtain a full and fair adjudication in the initial action?
13) But this "partial credit" vastly understates the significance of the collateral estoppel effect of criminal convictions in follow-on damages cases.