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1. A coordinated effort by two or more people or functional entities.
2. Process of working together toward a common end by various participants (for example, clinicians, researchers).
[L.L. collaboro, to work together, fr. col- (for com-, fr. cum, with, + laboro, to work]


Psychiatry A helping relationship between a family member and a mental health professional who share responsibility for a child with an emotional disorder
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The intelligence knowledge push model of collaborative design of electronic components is as shown in figure 5 and the push idea is: collaborative designers receive design tasks and make tasks analysis; first attain knowledge demand of collaborative designers based on knowledge demand model in collaborative design process, and then make semantic extension for concentrated knowledge source in knowledge module, and then search in collaborative design big data knowledge base based on these knowledge sources and mapping of knowledge sources and finally push to collaborative designers selectively based on filtration of collaborative designers.
From collaborative pre-design to successful collaborative design process of optoelectronic devices, knowledge management is cycling and is a process of adoption and feedback process of knowledge, as shown in figure8.
The knowledge integrated model of collaborative design process and production, collaborative testing and collaborative improvement process of optoelectronic devices is as shown in figure9.
The paper has proposed the knowledge intelligence push process of designers in collaborative design process.
He likens a collaborative design process to the up-and-down swings of the stock market.
The nature of engineering design itself also keeps online collaborative design from moving inevitably toward the best, most innovative outcome.
Klein has identified a number of potential problems inherent in collaborative design via technology.
How are organisations tackling real-time, collaborative design today?
We are looking forward to taking advantage of the power and speed of Dialogue to meet our conversion needs, as well as its collaborative design environment to meet our customer-focused goals at the business level.

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