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1. A coordinated effort by two or more people or functional entities.
2. Process of working together toward a common end by various participants (for example, clinicians, researchers).
[L.L. collaboro, to work together, fr. col- (for com-, fr. cum, with, + laboro, to work]


Psychiatry A helping relationship between a family member and a mental health professional who share responsibility for a child with an emotional disorder
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Organisations therefore need to think beyond collaborative browsing or algorithmically-driven technologies if they are to truly engage customers by delivering the most effective offers, products and messages possible.
RT: Collaborative browsing, form sharing and integrated push technology are very sexy technologies, but are they more flash than substance?
LAN-based and PC-based telephone systems are beyond the scope of this update report, as are such product categories as audio call recording systems, predictive diallers, collaborative browsing software, CRM software and e-mail management software which, although they may include a CTI capability are not, per se, CTI products.
The new features will enable companies to increase sales by automatically targeting and converting the hottest leads on e-commerce websites, provide better assistance to customers via collaborative browsing and joint form filling, and further improve agent efficiency with new enhancements available in the InstantService Agent Console.
Browser-based agent desktops coupled with blended queuing and routing to enable live agent interaction via the Web with voice char, collaborative browsing or instant messaging, and cross-channel applications such as Web callback.
0 also adds collaborative browsing to Talisma Chat, enabling Advisors to help customers navigate the online portal as well as any other Web site.
Proficient's secure and fully bi-directional collaborative browsing module allows the agent and consumer to browse pages together, and allows the agent to jointly fill forms and/or sign up for services in real- time with the online customer.
Introducing Collaborative Browsing, Enhanced Analytics, and

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