Cold Wave

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A prolonged period of extremely low surface temperature
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The drop in temperatures can cause an increased likelihood of sudden death, with 53 deaths attributed to the cold wave in Taiwan yesterday alone.
Muscat: The cold wave in Oman, which has brought temperatures down to sub-zero levels in the Hajar mountain range, is likely to continue for the coming weeks, according to the Meteorology Department.
The grant will be used for winterization non-food items and foods for socially vulnerable people including Syrian refugees, because the severe cold wave in January resulted in the shortage of such items in Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey," the ministry said in a press release, adding that it will be provided through international organizations such as the World Food Programme (WFP).
Madinah, Jeddah and Makkah are expected to see a dropping temperatures as well as strong winds, and the cold wave would peak on Thursday in the Eastern Province and Riyadh, the report said.
A day with cold wave is a day in which the minimum temperature drops 10 degrees Celsius lower than that of the previous day.
ZHOB -- The city and adjoining areas received light rain with snowfall over the hills, increasing the intensity of cold wave by decreasing temperature to 9 degree Celsius.
SANA'A, Dec 2--The National Metrological Center said Monday that a cold wave that began on Saturday is going to continue into the week.
THE relentless cold wave is expected to continue for at least the next two days in Delhi, which is registering mercury levels lower than some European cities such as London and Rome.
The cold wave that has gripped most of Europe and Russia has led to some 200 deaths over the week.
KABUL (PAN): The death toll among children has reached 28 due to an ongoing cold wave that could become harsher in coming days, an international organisation said on Saturday.
Al-Shams Gale, which hits the nation during this time of the year, is the cause of this cold wave and low temperatures, the meteorological officials said, urging the people to put on heavy clothes.
The plains of Punjab and Haryana also remained the grip of the cold wave where Narnaul was the coldest at 2 deg C.