Cold Wave

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A prolonged period of extremely low surface temperature
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This paper, using statistical data and daily maximum 24-hour rainfall, minimum and maximum daily temperatures, maximum wind and minimum daily horizontal visibility, annual precipitation of Synoptic stations, Climatology and rain gauge of S&B province during a 20-year period between years 1993 to 2012 as well as geographical information system (GIS), attempts at zoning the extreme conditions of weather, including heat waves, cold waves, 24-hour maximum rainfall of 30mm or more, dust storm.
A variation of this basic cold wave is called a body wave.
Department of Water and Power officials said they think the cold wave that sent overnight lows plunging into the 20s froze hundreds of pipelines citywide.
60 billion yen for the third consecutive monthly rise partly because a cold wave early in the month boosted winter clothing sales, an industry group said Tuesday.
Temperatures dropped from about freezing on Monday afternoon to -28 C (-18 F) overnight as a cold wave hit after inflicting record low temperatures across Siberia.
In December 2002, a separate cold wave in northern India claimed the lives of 1,500 persons and won designation as one of the top five global catastrophes of 2002.
Cold Wave Linked to Temperatures Enfield (London) Couple Slain; Police
ENI)--Christian institutions in India have opened their buildings to the homeless as a bitter cold wave has claimed more than 1,000 lives this winter.
The southern part of Peru has been experiencing extremely cold temperatures, severe snowfalls and violent rainstorms since early this month, when a cold wave hit the region, the ministry said.
A cold wave dominating Guatemala recently has caused an estimated loss of US$40 million to the country's farming sector, reports Xinhua News Agency (Jan.
After suffering its worst drought in recent history, areas in southwestern Afghanistan are now in the grip of a cold wave.
The relief may not last, however, as a cold wave sweeping the Midwest and Northeast is driving prices higher again.