Cold Hit

The matching of DNA (from a known felon) stored in a state or federal forensic databank to DNA from a crime scene—in particular from sexual assault—leading law enforcement to a suspect in a case which had no previous suspects
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Geordies tend to love everything about 1971's Get Carter, from its grim and gritty image to cool star Michael Caine's portrayal of cold hit man Jack Carter who travels from London to Newcastle to avenge his brother's death.
WHEN I STEPPED onto the tarmac at the airport in Ulukhaktok on April 10, 2014, the minus 20-degree cold hit me in the face like a right cross.
Natural gas markets were uncharacteristically calm until the cold hit last winter, but Schork expects volatility to again be the norm.
A winter storm packing snow and Arctic cold hit the northeastern United States on Tuesday Jan.
Floods and bitter cold hit all the way from Russia to Saudi Arabia and other GCC countries.
By the time the extreme cold hit, most of the exterior work was done and the crews moved indoors.
My father noted that these items would come in handy when the cold hit.
Barlow and her fellow counsel, Kwixuan Maloof, were barred from mentioning that Puckett had been identified through a cold hit and from introducing the statistic on the one-in-three likelihood of a coincidental database match in his case--a figure the judge dismissed as "essentially irrelevant.
He reached the end of the building, and the cold hit him in the face, but then came the next building.
Lots of intrigue and action ensue as Scully's wife, his boss, tries to ease her fears for his safety with the needs of the department; a ten-year-old case surfaces as a cold hit with the bullet matching the only one they have found; the Russian mafia seems to be involved; the CIA, FBI and some of their international counterparts take conflicting sides; and the Patriot Act seems to influence progress as well.
8, cold hit the US North-East, causing energy prices to shoot up.