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Julius F., German histologist, pathologist, and physiologist, 1839-1884. See: Cohnheim area, Cohnheim field.
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After defending his doctoral dissertation in 1886 under the direction of Julius Cohnheim, MD, Hansemann worked as an assistant to Rudolf Virchow, MD, and then held in succession the positions of lecturer, nominal professor, and honorary professor of pathologic anatomy at the University of Berlin.
The relationship between cancer and embryonic tissues was first proposed in the 1870s by Francesco Durante and Julius Cohnheim, who thought that cancers originated from cells in adults that persist in an immature, embryonic-like state.
Carl Ludwig advised Welch to visit Breslau where his former pupil, Julius Cohnheim, had developed a laboratory of experimental pathology.
Beach Professor of Management Sciences, Professor of Public Health, and Professor of Engineering Yale University Ed Morgan Law Professor University of Toronto Joel Pachter Professor of Pharmacology University of Connecticut Health Center Judea Pearl Professor Computer Science University of California- Los Angeles (UCLA) Daniel Pearl Foundation Edgar Pick Professor Director, the Julius Friedrich Cohnheim -- Minerva Center for Phagocyte Research Head, the Ela Kodesz Institute of Host Defense against Infectious Diseases Incumbent, the Roberts-Guthman Chair in Immunopharmacology Sackler School of Medicine Tel Aviv University Elihu D.
Such a patent foramen ovale (PFO) was first described in 1564 by Leonardi Botali and in 1877, Cohnheim described paradoxical embolism due to PFO.