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David G., U.S. ophthalmologist, 1908-1993. See: Cogan syndrome, Cogan-Reese syndrome.
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US District Judge Brian Cogan said at Thursday's hearing in Brooklyn federal court that potential jurors would be given a written questionnaire on March 23 to screen them before the trial.
Cogan answers these questions and more in his fact-filled, carefully researched book, The High Cost of Good Intentions.
FOR Birmingham fans, the career of talented Shaun Cogan will forever be defined by one monumental match-up.
Al menos cuatro antiguos sicarios del Cartel de Sinaloa que ahora son testigos protegidos testificaran en el juicio contra Joaquin Guzman Loera, El Chapo, que tentativamente se iniciara en abril de 2018, declaro el pasado viernes 5 el juez Brian Cogan, adscrito a una corte federal del Distrito Este de Nueva York, en la audiencia preparatoria de la actuacion que se sigue contra el capo mexicano.
NEWCOMERS to the league, SET completed an amazing League and Cup double in the IWO Fourth Division, when they won the Divisional Cup with an emphatic 7-1 victory over Cogan at Taffs Well.
TODAY, Wales's largest and leading toy and train sale arrives at Penarth Leisure Centre, Cogan, between 10.
Brian Cogan, 34, suffered a fatal injury when he was set upon by a gang of men in Margaret Gardens, Hamilton, on Friday night.
Drawing mainly on Bunchi's autobiography written in 1868, "Chronicle of Universal Gate Mountain," as well as the monk Chimyo Join's biographical account of Bunchi's life, Cogan examines Bunchi's life and ascetic practice through the lens of gender and status, and demonstrates "the power and limits of reform" in early Edo Japan.
Name: Elaine Cogan Title: Headteacher Three aims for this year: 1.
Al sacar a la luz estos testimonios escritos del estado inferior de los chuetas, Antonio Cortijo Ocana y Mercedes Duran Cogan pretenden "dibujar un panorama en que la marginacion a que se somete este grupo se da irremediablemente la mano con intereses economicos, haciendo que religion y economia se unan de manera indisoluble" (12).
District Judge Brian Cogan said a government promise that new regulations are coming is no reason to dismiss a suit challenging the mandate.
There is no, 'Trust us, changes are coming' clause in the Constitution," Cogan wrote.