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David G., U.S. ophthalmologist, 1908-1993. See: Cogan syndrome, Cogan-Reese syndrome.
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COGAN Youth produced a surprise 2-1 win over Barry in the first round of the FAW Youth Cup.
THE regular collector's bonanza reaches Cardiff again shortly when Wales' leading Toy & Train Sale arrives at Penarth leisure centre, at Cogan, between 10.
Cogan to serve as Vice Chairman and Head of Financial Committee
Brian Cogan, 34, suffered a fatal injury when he was set upon by a gang of men in Margaret Gardens, Hamilton, on Friday night.
Name: Elaine Cogan Title: Headteacher Three aims for this year: 1.
Al sacar a la luz estos testimonios escritos del estado inferior de los chuetas, Antonio Cortijo Ocana y Mercedes Duran Cogan pretenden "dibujar un panorama en que la marginacion a que se somete este grupo se da irremediablemente la mano con intereses economicos, haciendo que religion y economia se unan de manera indisoluble" (12).
Luke Cogan pleaded guilty to possessing a prohibited CS gas canister and also admitted possessing cocaine.
CHRIS COGAN was lucky to escape serious injury in a horriblelooking fall at Wolverhampton on Friday night, writes Stuart Riley.
Senior gardai have been left stunned by the train of events which saw 22-year-old Darren Cogan blasted to death in the Black Horse Inn, Inchicore, Dublin, on Friday night.
We are seeking justice for Gaza, flotilla organizer Leslie Cogan told reporters.
Good work out wide from top driver Jordan Cogan secured their first try, as Cogan used all his strength to get the ball down amongst five defenders.