Coenurus serialis

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Coe·nu·rus se·ri·a·'lis

the coenurus larvae of the tapeworm Multiceps serialis, found in subcutaneous and intramuscular tissues of rabbits and hares (a few have been recorded in humans); adult worms are found in the intestine of dogs, foxes, and jackals.


a metacestode, a larval stage (metacestode) of a tapeworm belonging to the genus Taenia (Multiceps).

Coenurus cerebralis
metacestode of Taenia multiceps found in the brain and spinal cord of sheep, but in other organs of goats. See also coenurosis.
Coenurus serialis
metacestode of the tapeworm Taenia serialis of dogs and foxes found in the subcutaneous tissues and muscles of the intermediate host, a lagomorph.