coefficient of relationship

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co·ef·fi·cient of re·la·tion·ship

the probability that a gene present in one mate is also present in the other and is derived from the same source.
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The coefficients of relatedness in this case measure phenotypic correlation among participating behavioral actors.
Coefficients of relatedness in a social insect colony containing a queen and her progeny reveal asymmetries that result from the haplodiploid sex determination system of Hymenopterans.
Part of the procedure presented herein involves estimating "actual" variance for coefficients of relatedness, for which new estimators are developed.
l and m index coefficients of relatedness and inbreeding).
The individual coefficients of relatedness or inbreeding are estimated by the general form
Thus to adequately characterize properties, we need to know what are the natural levels of variation and covariation for the two- and four-gene coefficients of relatedness, the sharing of inbreeding coefficients, and the sharing of environments (the components of X).
Coefficients of relatedness, r, were determined directly from breeding records (J.