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Combined DNA Index System



A database maintained by the FBI of DNA samples obtained from crime scenes and directly from convicted criminals. The system is used to generate investigative leads in the evaluation of criminal behavior such as sexual assaults and murders.


A trade name for a mixture of ASPIRIN and CODEINE.
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Codis VPU-101 video-processing units to receive and interpret data from multiple vehicle-mounted sensors, then process, reformat and distribute it to displays.
the number of profiles in NDIS [National DNA Index System] has and will continue to dramatically increase resulting in a need to re-architect the CODIS software.
152) Law enforcement is given wide search capabilities by the CODIS software, which allows for three different types of searches of DNA: high stringency, moderate stringency, and low stringency.
Law enforcement personnel use CODIS to uncover a variety of
75) Then the Justice for All Act of 2004 (76) added to the DNA Backlog Elimination Act by allowing CODIS to include almost any DNA information a state chose to collect, with the exception of uncharged arrestees and voluntary samples provided for elimination purposes.
CODIS uses several indexes to generate investigative leads in cases where biological evidence is recovered from the crime scene.
Examples of successful outcomes due to DNA testing include a CODIS hit in Colorado that led to a conviction in a 15-year-old homicide in another state; the placement of a convicted offender in Delaware at the scene of another crime; solving a 1989 rape case in Maryland matching an Illinois convicted offender who was extradited; a routine CODIS search in Ohio finding a match between a convicted offender and the DNA samples from two separate cases resulting in a guilty verdict; and legal action in a murder case and a sexual assault case in Wyoming.
Part I of this Comment summarizes the special needs doctrine as interpreted in Edmond and Ferguson; Part II offers an alternative approach to the doctrine; and Part III applies that alternative approach to the CODIS, concluding that the constitutionality of the CODIS should be evaluated under the alternative doctrine.
In "DNA Decoding: National Electronic Access Through the CODIS Program," presenter Samuel Baechtel, Ph.
The operation includes the provision of hardware and software and network devices for the equipment of a central site hosting functions CTA / CODIS, 28 fire and rescue centers, 2 vehicles PC, COP and OSP, partners, a platform tests, an interim training platform, a secure network of microwave links.
requirements that labs must implement expanded marker sets by 2017 as part of an FBI upgrade of CODIS (Combined DNA Index System), as well as complying with European and Interpol standards.