Code 20

A message announced over a hospital’s public address system warning the staff of mass casualty, not exceeding 20 people
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At a recent AAPC Boot Camp on ICD-10, it took participants four hours to code 20 cases--and that's with the help of a teacher.
The GX modular design allows for the use of code 20, 200 and 300 series racks and both the GX-271 and GX-274 ASPEC are controlled using Gilson's Trilution[TM] LH 2.
Who could have known, poring through 2,045 pages of the Internal Revenue Code 20 years ago, that buried in that document was billions of dollars which during the next two decades would help give financial security to millions of Americans in their retirement years.
If anyone wishes to buy a brick or make a donation electronically, the campaign account number is 70893633 with sort code 20.
Contract notice: "development of non-segregated (mixed) municipal waste code 20 03 01 in the regional municipal waste treatment plants in the warsaw region.
To buy a brick or donate electronically, the campaign account number is 70893633 with sort code 20.
The Client envisages the use of processes such as mechanical biological treatment, anaerobic digestion and the production of refuse derived recovered fuel (RDF) for energy recovery at an R1 rated facility as being acceptable technologies for the treatment of the Client~s waste, to meet EWC code 20 03 01.
packaging (Code 15 01 05)Bulky waste (code 20 03 07)waste electrical and electronic equipment (in particular code 20 01 23 * 20 01 35 *20 01 36)batteries and rechargeable batteries (particularly 20 01 33 * 20 01 34)used tires (16 01 03);d) wastes specified in point.
Lie: Black color code 20 degrees, 10 degrees for long putter * Std.
Any business that offered sponsorship to Bill and Jason should now forward their money to the Richard Jenkins Memorial Fund at Barclays Bank, Sort code 20 18 27 A, account number 20568783, or phone Sub Officer Leigh Jones at Barry Fire station, on 01443 232269 or 01446 741414.
The scope of the contract includes the collection and transport of mixed, unsorted municipal waste code 20 03 01 and collected in a selective manner from property owners, which inhabit the residents do not live residents, as well as public areas like streets and squares.