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1. Figuratively, a faint light.
2. Pertaining to faint or indistinct mental perception, as in twilight state.
[A.S. twi-, two]
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Cockshut Hill is now on a major school improvement journey and so far engagement has been "swift and sustained", Ofsted has said.
If Cockshut can be said to reduce Victorian biography to a form of writing in which the strategic manipulation of the "character" (15) of "exceptional men" (18) either conforms with or deviates from the "Evangelical tradition" (86), then Amigoni can be said to reduce it to "a form of writing that played an important pedagogic role in elaborating disciplines that ranked and ordered nineteenth-century cultural discourse" (22).
With science a specialist subject, the college has been leading on BTEC provision and this has contributed to Cockshut Hill obtaining its best ever results last year.
It fears it would jeopardise the future of nearby Cockshut Hill College in Yardley - which was plunged into special measures in December 2013 - as parents opt to send their children to PBV instead on the back of its "outstanding" reputation.
Airport-style checks have been carried out for the first time at Cockshut Hill Technology College, in Sheldon, after a police grant paid for the equipment.
The cricket team is Cockshut Hill from 1949, I think, which played in the Docker Shield final at the Warwickshire County Ground in Edgbaston.
Cockshut Hill Technology College, in Yardley, has teamed up with public transport co-ordinator Centro to provide sheltered bicycle storage for up to 20 bikes.
Probate has been granted to Shane Williams, of Cockshut, Shropshire, and Carol Palmer, of Lower Frankton, Shropshire.
Cockshut Hill Technology College, in Yardley, has seen 12 permanent exclusions for violent abuse in three years.
Because Chris Arculus, Spike Jones and Caroline Allen are all retiring from Cockshut Hill College in Yardley after clocking up more than a century of combined service.
Cockshut Hill School, Yardley: received 528 first preferences for only 270 places.