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We highlight a Cochrane review that evaluated the effects of interventions for improving childhood vaccination coverage in LMICs.
A Cochrane review of treatments for female-pattern hair loss suggested that women "suffer more than men", feeling "removed from what is considered a 'normal' female appearance".
Diverting attention away from Cochrane, the Centers for Disease Control, which indirectly funded the Cochrane Review, and the American Dental Association defendedfluoridation recommending instead the 2013 U.
Expectant mothers can reduce the likelihood that they will gain too much weight during pregnancy by improving their diet, increasing their exercise, or using a combined diet and exercise program, according to an updated Cochrane review.
Hormone therapy in postmenopausal women does not prevent heart disease but does increase the risk of stroke and blood clots, according to an updated Cochrane review.
The value of TH services is highlighted in the Cochrane Review 2010 by Inglis et al on Telemonitoring in HF & COPD Cochrane Review 2011 by McLean et al, & the Whole System Demonstrator (WSD) findings announced in Dec.
Cochrane Review Confirms Clinical Benefits of Triclosan/Copolymer Formula
Regarding evidence for the effectiveness of educational interventions in the rehabilitation of individuals with neck pain, contrary to low back pain, for the treatment of which there is a wide variety of educational interventions with demonstrated beneficial effects (11), a Cochrane review failed to provide any strong evidence for the effectiveness of such a very important physical medicine and rehabilitation intervention in neck pain with or without radiculopathy (12).
The study updates a Cochrane review carried out in 2008, when only four trials on the effects of exercise in older people with dementia were available.
For cancer screening previously assessed in a Cochrane review, the authors identified trials from their reference lists and updated the search in CENTRAL.
Meanwhile, authors of a 2009 Cochrane Review and meta-analysis concluded that their findings were constrained by the heterogeneity of trials and the diversity of control conditions used in the various studies (Cochrane Database Syst.
The Cochrane review examined the evidence of 13 trials involving more than 16,200 women randomly assigned to either midwife-led care or other models, such as having an obstetrician in charge.

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