Cocaine Vaccine

A vaccine in early stages of development (as of spring 2010) which combines an inactivated cholera toxin B protein with an inactivated cocaine molecule
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ImmuLogic intends for this novel and proprietary cocaine vaccine to be part of a comprehensive treatment program for cocaine abuse to diminish relapse," said Barbara Fox, Ph.
In addition to treatments for allergies and autoimmune diseases the Company is developing a poison ivy/oak therapeutic and a cocaine vaccine.
In a press release from Yale University (March 7, 2000), there are an estimated 2 million regular cocaine abusers in the United States, of which 900,000 seek treatment each year, representing a multi-billion dollar market for a potential cocaine vaccine.
The cocaine vaccine has begun human trials and the nicotine jab will follow later this year.
At the moment,we are the only company in the world that is advancing a cocaine vaccine.
And battered drugs stock Xenova received welcome respit after it announced a new phase of trials on its cocaine vaccine.
This approach can provide an ethical and legal foundation on which we may begin to formulate a societal approach to the use of the cocaine vaccine.
In the cocaine vaccine study, researchers found their test vaccine prevented cocaine from entering the brains of primates.
A cocaine vaccine is poised to enter its first large-scale clinical trial in humans this year, and vaccines against nicotine, heroin and methamphetamine are also in development.
ImmuLogic's cocaine vaccine consists of a cocaine derivative chemically joined to a vaccine carrier protein.
In the first half of 1997 our clinical development program will increase in activity with the planned initiation of an ALLERVAX CAT catroom trial, a multiple sclerosis phase I trial, the filing of an IND and initiation of a phase I trial for the cocaine vaccine, and an ALLERVAX RAGWEED trial to be initiated in July prior to the start of the next ragweed season," said Joseph Marr, M.
April 16 /PRNewswire/ -- ImmuLogic Pharmaceutical Corporation (Nasdaq: IMUL) announced today that the Company has initiated a Phase I clinical study for its cocaine vaccine product.