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A widely used adjective referring to an appearance, morphology or pattern characterised by multiple, similarly-sized rounded densities that project from a single linear surface when the image is 2-D or that rise above a flattened plane when viewed in 3-D, a pattern which has been likened to pre-infernal combustion engine roads paved with ‘cobbled’ stones
Dermatology A term which referred to a common complication of pre-1990 hair replacement surgery—now of historic interest—in which the grafts are bumpy, and do not flatten with time; it is more common in patients with a tendency to form hypertrophic scars. See Hair replacement
Gastroenterology A characteristic radiologic and gross appearance of the intestinal mucosa in Crohn’s disease, due to submucosal involvement; to the endoscopist, cobblestoning refers to the uniform nodules—due to the submucosal edema—while the pathologist refers to severe ulcerative disease with crisscrossing of the ulcers through inflamed but intact mucosa; intestinal ‘cobblestoning’ may also occur in ulcerative colitis—where ulcers alternate with regenerating mucosa, ischaemic colitis, lymphoid hyperplasia of CVID, amyloidosis, mucoviscidosis, pneumatosis cystoides intestinalis, multiple lymphangiomas, and polyposis coli; in the intestine, the mucosal rugosities may correspond to polyps, or be filled with air, lymphoid tissue or amyloid
(1) A term referring to a rare roughened appearance seen by colposcopy of a uterine cervix with Neisseria gonorrhoeae
(2) A finding by hysterosalpingography characterised by rounded filling defects due to intraluminal adhesions
Imaging A term referring to a bumpiness of the greater curvature of the stomach, a finding typical of chronic hypertrophic gastritis
Oral disease A term referring to multiple, closely-set intraoral papilloma-like fibromas that impart a pebbly tactile sensation in Cowden’s premalignant multiple hamartoma syndrome
Ophthalmology Multiple sharply demarcated non-elevated lesions with prominent choroidal vessels, located between the ora serrata and equator, seen in peripheral chorioretinal atrophy, common in ageing, seen in one-fourth of all autopsies, one-third of which are bilateral; aka paving stone degeneration, senile halo
Soft tissue pathology Multiple ‘hobnail’ projections of malignant endothelial cells into the vascular lumina seen in angiosarcoma, a pattern mimicked by Kaposi sarcoma and spindle cell hemangioendothelioma
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We might complain about the condition of modern road surfaces but compared with such things as cobblestones and so on, they are absolutely excellent - even when riddled with potholes.
Levi Boughton was responsible for first using the cobblestone building method in Paris in 1839.
Those primarily responsible are northern Europeans who have simply picked up a loose cobblestone or piece of mosaic they have found while wandering around Rome.
It is possible that the colonies contribute to the survival of the association in the cave environment, and that environmental conditions in the cave maintain the cobblestone shape of the fungus component of the microlichen.
Once knocked senseless under a barrage of cobblestones, the soldiers' weapons could be stolen.
Named for the cobblestones used to pave the streets and the cobblers who once dwelled there during the early 1800s, the district is several city blocks in size and home to the new $200-million Marine Midland Arena, where the Buffalo Sabres professional hockey team competes.
More than 27,000 granite cobblestones and setts have been laid on the route, which is believed to date from 1342.
Black-clad demonstrators tore cobblestones from Prague's historic streets and torched police with Molotov cocktails yesterday as they besieged the annual meetings of the World Bank and IMF.
covering Coronation Street's famous cobblestones in TARMAC.
Ranging in size from small cobblestones to basketballs, these blocks contain broken-up pieces of conifers.
Pralines from the specialty stores along the cobblestones of River Street and City Market will be a fun find for shopping enthusiast, while dining in Savannah can be a cultural experience in itself with the variety of cuisine that is served from award-winning gourmet to down-home cooking, low country fare, and fresh seafood straight from the ocean.