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Heparin-COAted Stents in Small Coronary Arteries Trial. A trial assessing the safety and efficacy of heparin stent implantation in small coronary arteries
Primary endpoints Major acute coronary events or event-free survival at 6 months
Conclusion Heparin-coated stents are no different than non-coated stents or PTCA in terms of restenosis
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The National Trust looks after 649 miles of the coastline identified as pristine in 1965, which along with designations including areas of outstanding natural beauty, national parks, heritage coasts and sites of special scientific interest mean most is protected.
The National Trust looks after 775 miles of coastline across England, Wales and Northern Ireland, and is launching a new vision to protect the rich wildlife, culture and beauty of the coasts, allow greater access and create space for natural changes to occur.
Helen Ghosh, the trust's director-general, said: "Over 50 years the extraordinary generosity and support of people from across the world has enabled us to buy some of the most beautiful, dramatic and diverse coastline on these islands, enabling people to enjoy them and protecting them from development for generations to come.
About Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii is a grassroots, local nonprofit organization run by a small team of dedicated staff and supported by passionate volunteers.
This, they say, will create a super fast-track procedure for initiating coastline developments, effectively negating the requirement for any environmental impact assessments prior to acquiring the relevant permits.
The new model allows researchers at UNESCO-IHE, TU Delft and Deltares to predict coastline erosion due to rising sea levels much more accurately than before.
In order to examine the region of the Gulf of Mexico as a whole, an unemployment rate for all 56 coastline counties and an unemployment rate for the coastline counties in each of the five states along the Gulf were calculated.
It is an ambitious programme, but luckily vast areas of the North West coastline are already accessible.
Even a one-foot rise is potentially disastrous for some island nations and people who live near coastlines.
Curating Australia's contribution ('32 000 Beaches'), Leon van Schaik also commissioned five architects to consider different aspects of Australia's coastline.
Nearly one-sixth of the UK's coastline is suffering from serious erosion.
The MCS is calling for a change in attitudes towards litter, saying current legislation is having little or no effect on cutting coastline rubbish.