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Results of COG clinical trials in childhood cancer dictate the standard of care for children and adolescents with cancer throughout North America and beyond.
The great Prussian military theorist appears to have derived his idea of the COG after being influenced by a series of lectures presented by German physicist Paul Erman, a professor at both the University of Berlin and the Prussian Allgemeine Kriegsschule (war college).
Such a stance places the COG in a forward position--that is, at or close to the anterior periphery of the limits of stability.
Planning teams can take hours--if not days--arguing over what is and is not the enemy's COG.
I am unconvinced," says Detweiler, "that the terrorist scenarios pose a greater danger to the continuity of constitutional, government than the changes proposed by COG.
Morgan Stanley Asia Limited was the exclusive financial advisor to the controlling shareholder of COG in this deal.
However, because definitions are not clear, logical, precise, or testable, and a doctrine does not provide a practical identification method, planners lack the understanding and focus needed to meet the intent of the COG concept.
The Conway Scenic Railroad's Crawford Notch route and the Mount Washington Cog Railway are the two best lines for scenery and reliving history.
The Cog round trip is of 3-hour including an hour spent at the summit, where passengers get free admission to the new summit weather presentation created by the Mount Washington Observatory titled Extreme Mount Washington.
With guidance from Larry Goggins, the president of Pennsylvania COG and the Beaver County Regional COG; and Robert Callen, executive director of the Lawrence County Regional COG and the Beaver County Regional COG - COGCare was formed.
Tory councillor John Fareham said: "The cog was never bought into by the citizens of Hull.
The private sector representatives give their time free of charge to the ICT COG.